segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

Defenders #1 by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson – A Taster’s Menu

3. What If Hulk Had A Hulk?

The epilogue of Fear Itself #7 showed that Nul, Breaker Of Worlds has continued, separate from Hulk. And we see the scene with Hulk calling on the Defenders. But the explanation Hulk gives of what Nul is to him in this issue, and why he isn’t in the rest of the issue remains a haunting one.

Ladies Night.

As well as the half naked Strange, the ladies get some Namor and Silver Surfer time with this issue. That thing aboiut male superheroes never appearing in a sexalised form? Here you go. Not to mention the shaved chest Hulk and Iron Fist leaping out of bed naked.

Oh and She Rulk? She gets some pants.

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Now Marvel Cancels Destroyers Series From Fred Van Lente And Kyle Hotz

Two issues may have been fully pencilled by Kyle Hotz. Marvel had announced the mini-series Destroyers a couple of months ago with a targeted promotional campaign. But no sooner had that happened than the book appears to have been cancelled by Marvel.
That’s before orders could even have been received on the book. It hadn’t even been solicited. Replying to enquiries on Twitter,writer Fred Van Lente tweeted;

"Sorry, dude, that series got the axe weeks ago.
There was no announcement. The book hadn’t been solicited yet, and just wouldn’t have.
The biggest bummer about DESTROYERS was Kyle Hotz had #1-2 pencilled, and it looked grrrrreat. Ah, well. That’s showbiz for you."

However he did assure fans;

"Also, I’m working on a Marvel book right now with an artist I’ve long wanted to work with they haven’t announced yet."