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Jason Aaron dá alguns detalhes da nova série do Hulk.

Marvel.com: Speaking of crazy, I can’t let you go without talking about the new INCREDIBLE HULK series. We talked in July after the announcement at Comic-Con International in San Diego, but now that we’re closing in on the launch, how do your theoretical ideas of what the series would be match up to the pages you’re seeing come back in?

Jason Aaron: Well, you know what you’re going to get with Marc Silvestri on-board. He’s a legendary artist and his work continues to be on-target even going back to his stuff on UNCANNY X-MEN when I first became a comics fan. When you see his name on a Hulk book, you can imagine what’s inside: Marc drawing the Hulk smashing things. In INCREDIBLE HULK #1 you certainly get your share of action, but also with the gritty sort of character stuff I like to do as well. It’s a different talk on The Hulk. Greg Pak had an amazing run on the book and took the character to new heights in terms of story and grand epics. For what we’re doing here it’s a different sort of epic; we’re going back to basics, flipping the Hulk/Banner dynamic.

Marvel.com: The preview pages show some really monstrous individuals fighting The Hulk, and in some cases, living with him. What can you say about this?

Jason Aaron: Once people see the direction the book is going in issue #1 and where Bruce Banner is, it all kinds of makes sense. We’ve seen a lot of different Hulks over the past few years, but for this we wanted to focus in on the one main Hulk. In the first three issues though, you’ll see a lot of other hulked-out creatures and monsters for Hulk to lock horns with.

Marvel.com: What have been the seminal Hulk works that formulate your understanding of Bruce Banner and his alter ego?

Jason Aaron: The first run on the Hulk that really pulled me in was John Byrne’s short stint on [INCREDIBLE HULK]. It was really the first time Hulk and Banner split apart, and was certainly an influence on what I’m doing here, [though] obviously I’m taking things a different direction than what Byrne did. I also read Peter David’s run as it was coming out, and he pretty much defined in every way how I think of The Hulk and the Hulk/Banner dynamic. Beyond that, the Bruce Jones run fairly changed the tone and flavor of what a Hulk story was, and I enjoyed that.

Probably what I’m trying to do in the new INCREDIBLE HULK series is somewhere in the midst of all of that; Peter David’s characterization, the crazy antics of Byrne’s run, and the darker elements brought forward by Jones.

Marvel.com: Will the series primarily work on it’s own as a stand-alone, or does it interact with the larger Marvel universe?

Jason Aaron: Initially the series pretty much stands alone. I wanted to do a book that was very reader-friendly and focused on The Hulk. In the future however, given what’s happening next summer with the Avengers movie and The Hulk playing a prominent role in that, readers could expect to see The Hulk integrated in Marvel’s comic universe as well.

Marvel.com: You’ve played Cyclops and Wolverine as both having viable viewpoints and not demonizing them. With Bruce and The Hulk, are both their motivations understandable for readers or is there a clear-cut villain in this story?

Jason Aaron: This is a very different sort of situation than X-MEN: SCHISM. In some sense, I’m attempting to balance the scales in the whole Hulk/Banner dynamic portrayed for most of Marvel history up until now. The typical set-up is that Banner is the genius scientist and The Hulk is a burden that’s always held him back. I wanted to flip that on its ear, and show it from the Hulk’s perspective. As you can imagine, he sees it very differently.

As we’ll see in issue #1 after they’re split apart, The Hulk finds peace for the first time. He is free for the moment, until he gets pulled back into the craziness because of his connection to Banner. This series shows Hulk as the hero and Banner as the monster.

"John Byrne", "Bruce Jones" e "Peter David" será uma das inspirações de Aaron pra essa nova série do Hulk.

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